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What are Prescription Discount Cards?

Prescription Discount Cards assist you in paying for your prescription medications that are not part of your insurance. They are utilized to assist those who are uninsured or under-insured, or those with without prescription coverage from their insurance. Understanding how these discount cards or coupons work can truly reduce the out of pocket expense for your medications. Here are some tips to assist you:

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Does the Discount Card offer savings for the prescribed drugs?

Understand that not every card will help reduce your cost for every drug. There is a better chance for discounts of common drugs. Discounts generally are higher for generic drugs when compared to brand names. The pharmacy benefit providers simply negotiates with individual pharmacies for lower pricing. Once you know the drug is covered, you can have the prescription fill at any participating pharmacy of your choice. You’ll want to check the drug pricing using an Drug Checker tool like like the LowerMyRx Discount Price Checker Tool.

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Drug Discount Cards/Coupons and why should you use them?

Not everyone can benefit from using the card. Those who have health insurance and prescription coverage may not need the discount benefits from the card. These cards are produced to assist people. Many are accepted at participating pharmacies and designed to assist those who can not afford to pay for the high cost of their prescription drugs.

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How Can You request for a FREE Prescription Drug Discount Card?

Many websites offer information where a card can be printed online. Our website offers access to both mobile discount cards and printing online and without any fee or any cost to you.

Check with your local pharmacy to see if our discount cards/coupons are accepted.

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